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Planning for a Debt Free New Year

The last quarter of the year brings mixed feeling to most people,whereas  some people see the new year as a fresh start, others panic because tax season is that much closer but this year, you should be planning for a debt free New Year.  We also begin to list the things that are important for […]


Christmas 2012 On A Budget

When it comes to the holidays, one thing is for certain, they come at the same time every year.  With that being said, how is it that we never seem to be prepared financially?  There are many ways we can either implement a savings plan, or budget, and take the stress out of Christmas this […]


Paying Off Debt

With the start of a new year we all start to focus on eliminating the stress in our life and that usually brings to mind paying off debt.  If don’t have credit card debt, CONGRATULATIONS! The majority of people are not so fortunate.  We learn early in life that if you don’t have credit, you […]