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Savvy Shopping Tips

pennyMy oldest son is getting married in a week and while out shopping for a few last minute things for the wedding, my husband decided I needed to share a few of the tips I used during our trip.  As a wife and mother of three, you quickly learn to stretch a dollar every chance you get.  Our mission on this day was for my husband to get a suit for the wedding, I really wanted to find a pair of black boots, and of course we needed to get gas before heading back home.  Saving money is always on my mind so here’s a look at our day.

Shopping for Men’s Suits

I have to admit that I’m not well versed in shopping for men’s suits, so this was definitely new ground for me.  My first mission was to go to the store’s websites and quickly sign up for their email newsletters.  We planned on looking at about three different stores so I logged onto my computer and became a member of their email list.  The goal here is to be rewarded for my email address by receiving a coupon or discount on my purchase.  I was successful with two of the stores I signed up with and having my smartphone in hand, I had my coupons with me.  The first store was a man’s kind of store.  Dark mahogany paneling with jackets and slacks hanging on fancy hangers, enter the salesman.  This gentleman knew just how to work my husband by asking him about the reason he was stopping by and quickly he began taking measurements, and telling him he could chose any color, pattern, and inside silk material color to customize his suit.  He pulled out three or four jackets and began helping my husband try them on.  The suits were high quality, and the salesman was truly helpful but when we asked for price, we were sticker shocked.  We are just a typical family, and with wedding cost, that suit was out of the budget.  This store had offered no discounts or coupons via email, and was unwilling to give us any kind of deal.  My husband read my expression and told the kind gentleman that we were going to look around, and thanked him for his time.  I know he was disappointed, but to pacify me, we headed into our next store.  This was a high scale department store and I had signed up for their email discounts and had them ready.  The sales lady was helpful and we quickly found a few suits he could try on.  He found a suit that he was happy with and after all was said and done, between the sale that was going on and the discount we received using my coupon, we saved over $300.00!  He was truly impressed and admitted he was glad he followed my instincts.

Shopping for Ladies Boots

I usually prefer shopping for ladies boots and clothing alone.  My husband gets bored quickly while I’m looking and trying on an armload of things.  Apparently he thought that boot shopping would not be too bad.  We hit another department store that I had discounts for and  I began the awful task of trying them on.  My husband seemed to enjoy giving me his opinion, and after three or four pair, I settled on my favorite.  Well, guess what they were out of my size, so I decided that instead of settling for another pair, I would check the same store closer to home.  No problem.  The boots were on sale for $84.99, and I couldn’t use my handy coupon because it came with a list of exclusions, one being NO FOOTWEAR.  Nothing worse than a coupon with so many exclusions that the print is so small you cannot read it…I chose to wait and hope they went on sale.  That was about a week ago, and this morning I logged into my email and the department store was having a sale, and my boots are now $39.00. Sometimes the waiting game is what works.

Shopping for Gas

We live in New York State and when we are doing a lot of shopping we take a quick drive over the state line into Pennsylvania.  Well everyone knows that gas is cheaper in PA, so we always fuel up before we head home. My husband asked me where we should stop for gas.  I told him we better stop before we get too close to our exit because gas is more expensive the closer to the exit that the station is located.  I guess he hadn’t heard this before and after we got gas and headed for our exit, he paid close attention to the gas prices and he was amazed to see that sure enough, it was about five cents per gallon cheaper than the station we filled up at.  Not a huge savings, but hey, every little bit adds up!!

~Lori Town