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Consignment Cash!

I am a Mom of three teenagers.  You can only imagine how many pairs of jeans, and the astonishing number of hoodies we have bulging out of our closets.  Sure, when they get tired of them you can list them on Ebay and auction them off but you have to go through the painstaking process of taking a picture of every item, describe  every item(in detail), and list things one at a time.  Hopefully the item sells, and then you have to ship each, individual item.  Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it!  Read More…

Better than Free!

Every Sunday most, if not all, of us are blessed with coupons in our Sunday paper.  I love spending Sunday afternoons comparing the store sale flyers with the new coupons. 

Not long ago, I found a really neat trick to getting products we use everyday free, or better yet, getting paid to buy them.  For example, this week I purchased contact lens solution for my oldest son.  The price of the solution was $7.99.  At CVS drugstore they have what they call Extra Bucks Rewards

When I purchased the contact solution, I had the cashier scan my ―ExtraCare Card, and I received a coupon for $7.99 towards my next purchase.  I can only use the coupon at CVS, but next week there will be more items on sale that I can use my discount coupon towards.  Read More…

Save $$$ by Taking Surveys

A few years ago I was invited to become a member of a web site called  Not long after I became a member, I realized how easy and fun it was to earn rewards for taking surveys.  I have been able to receive free magazine subscriptions, and I have given many away to friends and family.  My husband loves business magazines and the prices per issue have really gone through the roof.  He also enjoys the Food and Wine magazines and they can run about $5.00 per issue. 

E-rewards is an invitation only site, but there are many other sites where you can earn rewards for your opinions.  A great online survey website is  It is free to join, and as you are asked to participate in surveys, you earn points towards rewards and cash.  When you become a member be sure to do the first survey right away so they can learn about what interests you.  When new surveys that pertain to your interests become available, you will get an email alerting you to take the survey.  The site lets you build points and redeem them for things such as free music downloads, and magazine subscriptions. 

Make sure you always check to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable website.  Check them out with the Better Business Bureau, and NEVER give these companies your banking information, or Social Security number.  A legitimate company will not ask you for this information. 

Happy Earning!

Credit Card Debt Solutions

What are your options?

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Bankruptcy as a possible option:

Bankruptcy- There are two forms of personal bankruptcy, Chapter 7 & Chapter 13. Chapter 7  bankruptcy (Total liquidation) is where you walk away from your debt legally if you qualify. Under this plan you may lose property and other assets and should counsel with an attorney to make sure this is right for you.

The other form of bankruptcy is what’s known as the “wage earner plan” or Chapter 13, whereas the bankruptcy trustee is responsible for collecting monthly payments to repay the creditors included in the plan. This is usually done through wage garnishment. The amount paid back to the creditors is decided through the bankruptcy court.

Personally I feel you should try to avoid bankruptcy if at all possible. Bankruptcy should be reserved for the last option when no other method will work. When it comes to eliminating credit card debt, the solution I like the best is the debt settlement solution. The reason is it’s a win-win alternative solution to bankruptcy for you and the creditor. Again just beware of the companies that offer this service, some charge very high fees and not always do they get the job done.

Eat Cheap!

Save money with Restaurant Dot Com…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could eat dinner at a nice restaurant for less than half the price??  My family and I were in the process of planning our vacation, but because of the lagging economy, we limited budget.  I figured to cut some cost we could plan meals, and eat in a little more often.  But who really wants to cook on their vacation?  So I did a little research.   

I came across a website that seemed too good to be true.  The website is Restaurant DOT com. (There is a link on the right side bar) Here is a brief description of how it works.  You visit the website and, at no cost, become a member.  Next you type in the zip code or city that you live in, or will be visiting.  All the restaurants in that vicinity that participate in the program will show up.  At that time you will be able to purchase gift certificates.  For example, say you were visiting Burbank, CA.  You could purchase a $25.00 gift certificate for $10.00 at Burbank Bar and Grill.  That’s a $15.00 savings!!  You will also receive periodic emails giving you codes that will save you even more.  I was able to purchase $25.00 gift certificates for a mere $2.00 a piece!! 

 This is real, and completely legitimate.   I have to admit that the first time I used my certificates I was a little nervous.  I made sure our server knew I had the certificate before we even placed our order, and to my delight, no questions asked!

Eliminating Credit Card Debt


Tim TownDebt Elimination Companies are mostly scams!

Today you need to be very careful when dealing with debt elimination companies. most if not all of those companies are “scams”. There are many companies out there claiming they can eliminate your debt legally by some sort of method without filing a bankruptcy. Some companies state that they will write letters contesting the validity of the debt,  and magically creditors will just drop the claim. Do not fall for these lies…

 If you know that you legitimately owe a debt then you need to look for a legitimate debt solution. There is no truth to legally eliminating debt 100 percent unless you were to file chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Never deal with a company that wants up-front fees and is asking you to engage in an unlawful act like credit fraud. Disputing debt that you actually know you owe is committing fraud. Read More…