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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

If you are wondering if bankruptcy is right for you, you need to ask yourself a few important questions.  Bankruptcy is a serious step, and should not be entered into lightly.  Depending on which type of bankruptcy you file, it can affect your credit history for 7-10 years, making it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a mortgage, or other financing.  Filing a bankruptcy can also affect a future job search, not to mention, if you have co-signers for any of your debts, the relationship you have with them could be tested.  Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen to good people, and sometimes you have no other choice, just be sure that you have looked into bankruptcy alternatives, and given your decision a good amount of thought to be certain that bankruptcy is right for you. Read More…

What Can Debt Settlement Do For You?

What is Debt Settlement?

You may or may not have heard the term Debt Settlement.  This term is used when a debt is paid at less than the full value.  For example, if you owe Capital One $5000.00 and you obtain permission from them to pay the debt off for $2500.00, you have obtained a 50% debt settlement, and can now pay off the debt for the settled amount.  Debt settlement is commonly used when a debt is over 90 days past due, and the debtor has suffered a personal or financial hardship.  Debt settlement is not for people who have great credit and the income to pay their debt, because debt settlement can harm your credit. Debt settlement is a great option for people with a high debt-load and don’t qualify for bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy

For most people the choice between debt settlement and bankruptcy is a matter of legal opinion.  It is always best to contact your attorney when it comes to financial matters and be sure that bankruptcy is not better suited to your situation.  We have attorneys listed in our directory that would be glad to assist you, click here for a link to an attorney in your state.  If a bankruptcy is not for you, or you do not qualify, you may be a candidate for debt settlement.  We have many programs to suit many different situations.  Contact us today @ for a free initial consultation.  We are affiliated with agencies  and attorneys that are able to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar, and you only have to make affordable monthly payments.  Even if you only have one debt, or a judgment, we may be able to help you reach a debt settlement. Read More…

Ways to Save Money on Bank Account Fees

Bank Fees, banks that don't chargeI guess it’s no surprise that the cost of having a bank account is on the rise, with the cost of everything else!  So many banks these days are competing for your business, but when it comes to giving you what you want, read the fine print!  Having a checking account is really a necessity, and having a debit card is truly the most convenient way to go.  There are good financial institutions with genuinely good products; you just need to be an educated consumer and look for the products and pricing that suits your needs, and your budget. Read More…

Credit Card Debt Help

Overextended?  We Offer Credit Card Debt Help! 

So many people have spent the last year struggling in our less than mediocre economy, that it is no surprise that most of these people are now looking for credit card debt help.  Think about it, 5-10 years ago it was easy to obtain credit cards, mortgage loans and jobs were plentiful.  When times are good, we don’t normally worry about what may or may not happen tomorrow.  We probably should, but we don’t.  So, when times were good, we obtained credit, and when things went bad, we over-used it.  Now when we are having  a hard time keeping, or finding good paying jobs, we were falling back on the credit we will not be able to pay off.  It’s easy to see why people truly need credit card help. Read More…

Have You Been Served a Judgment in Chautauqua County?

If you have recently been served with a judgment in Chautauqua County, we may be able to help.  I know it’s frightening to have someone come to your home, knock on your door, and serve you with legal documents.  I have never met anyone that claims that it was pleasant.  The truth is, you feel afraid, and you may not be sure what to do next.  The most important thing you can do is take a deep breath, and don’t panic.  Your next step should be to try and figure out whether you owe the debt or not, and what steps can you take to resolve the situation.  Make no mistake, this is a serious situation, but with a proactive attitude, it can be handled.

Do You Owe the Judgment in Chautauqua County?

The first question you should ask yourself is, “Do I owe this debt?”.  You may be surprised to know that many people are served with judgments that they don’t owe.  You may have already paid the debt, or you may have a similar name as the real debtor.  If you feel you DO NOT owe the debt, contact an attorney, for service providers in Chautauqua County  CLICK HERE.  An attorney can handle a legal dispute of the debt and clear your name of the judgment. Read More…

Credit Card Do’s and Don’ts

So many people today find themselves confused on credit card do’s and don’ts.  It is very easy to make a  mistake, costing you credit card do's and don'tsprecious points on your credit report, that could otherwise be easily avoided.  I have always said that they should have a course teaching the credit rating system, how it works, and the way credit can make your life easier, and on the other end of the spectrum, more difficult.  Having a good credit rating, by following some simple credit card do’s and don’ts, can affect your chances of getting a good job, obtaining financing, and could save you thousands of dollars by getting offered lower interest rates on larger purchases.

Basic Credit Card Do’s and Don’ts

Some of the more basic credit card do’s and don’ts seem relatively simple, but many people don’t  know them.  The biggest mistake most consumers make is maxing out their credit cards.  The term maxing out refers to using too much of the credit line granted to you.  To simplify, if you have a credit line of $2000.00 on a credit card, do not use more than about $750.00 of that available credit.  If you go nearer to your limit, it can signal that you are having financial problems, and are relying too much on credit.  Secondly, but just as important, pay your bill ON TIME. Read More…

Do You Have a Judgment Against You?

do you have judgment against youIf you have a judgment against you, don’t panic, what you must do is take the letter seriously, and act accordingly.  Some people hide their head in the sand, and hope it will just go away, it won’t.  You have options!  A judgment is a sort-of a last ditch effort to collect a debt, when all other attempts have failed.  It is best to pay the debt, or enter into a payment plan before this happens, because now the debt is a legal record on your credit report.  A judgment against you gives a creditor many ways to enforce the collection of your debt, and you need to even up the playing field.

A Judgment Against You is NOT the End of the World

In this economy, having a judgment against you, is more common than you may think, but with that said, a judgment is serious, and you must not ignore it.  When a creditor obtains a judgment against you, they are able to garnish your wages, seize your bank account, and even take your tax return. You do have options, and what you need to do is seek them out and make a game plan.  Read More…