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Cheap Day Trips- Jamestown, NY

pennyWith Summer approaching, many of us get the itch to get out and enjoy summer time activities.  One of the first things to consider is the number of things you and your family want to do this Summer, and how you can make the most of your entertainment dollars.  Set a budget for the season, and start making a list of the things you want to do and see.  Don’t skimp on the list, even if the idea seems too expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised how easy you can come up with a less expensive alternative.

Go Local!

Sometimes the best places my family and I have visited have been right in our own  backyard.  Well, not literally, but we tend to not pay attention to our own local attractions.  Here in Western NY, we have beautiful lakes, camp grounds, amusement parks, and seasonal festivals too numerous to mention.  When you stay local you can certainly save money on transportation cost which can be a large chunk of your budget.  Your list may include things you don’t have locally, like maybe you want to go to Sea World, but the cost and distance of the trip puts that out of reach.  Consider your closest zoo, a cost effective alternative to a theme park that would be a fun day trip, at a significant cost reduction.

Try Something New

Go to your local rest stop and pick up some pamphlets of the activities in your local area and do something you have never done before.  In our area we have local wineries and I have always wanted to do a wine tasting tour.  Low cost, and something I have never done before.  We also have a local celebrity, Lucille Ball.  We have a museum, and I have never been to it, even though I see tourists go into it every day!  What is your area famous for?  You may stumble across a real gem!

Just Do It!

The Summer season is short and before you know it, the parks and seasonal activities will pass you by.  Stick to your budget, make your list, and try something new!

Happy Trails~Pay Off Your Debt