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Foreclosure Help Jamestown NY

When you are facing the possibility of losing your home, you are bound to have questions, and you aren’t sure where to get answers.  Most people in foreclosure can’t afford an attorney, so they feel alone and afraid.  There are laws in New York state that are there to protect you and you should know […]


Banks in the Rental Business

I am constantly amazed at the changes taking place in this housing crisis, like banks in the rental business.  There was a time that it was difficult to get your mortgage company to work with you when you fell behind on a couple of payments, and now it seems that banks are bending over backwards […]


Facing Foreclosure? Your Options for TODAYS Times

Working with your lender, key is being Proactive Our great nation and its people are facing some of the most difficult financial times in history.  Due to a lagging economy, high unemployment rates and lack of jobs many American homeowners are facing foreclosure. Let’s be clear on one thing.  You have options!  So many people […]