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Capital One Steps up Collection Efforts

megaphoneIf you have a Capital One credit card, you may have recently received a contract update in the mail.  Most people don’t really take the time to read these things, but after you read this, you may want to dig it out of the trash.  Normally when you owe a debt the creditor has a right to make efforts to collect what you owe them, but Capital One may be taking this thing too far.

Can you imagine, you  clock in at the office, and at some point the boss says that there is someone there to see you.  You are thinking that maybe it is a family member, and something is wrong.  You step into the office to find a representative from Capital One, and they are asking for their payment.  Hard to imagine, but this is the information that Capital One has added to the contract update.  You could also be sitting on your porch sipping lemonade with your neighbor, and a person comes up to your porch and says they are from Capital One and would like you to make your payment.

You may think that this is a violation of your rights, but there is currently no law against it.  However there are laws that protect you from harassment.They are looking around to see if you have any assets that they could possibly go after.  They can’t harass you and if you ask them to leave, they have to leave.  Unfortunately, the damage is done, and you are standing their, embarrassed.

You can, however, avoid this.  Don’t hide your head in the sand when it comes to taking care of your debts.  If you are having trouble paying, and you keep the line of communication open, and they probably won’t go to the trouble, or spend the money to send a representative to your home.