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Can’t Pay Your Credit Card Bills?-Jamestown, NY

credit_card_debtIf you can’t pay your credit card bills, know this, you are not alone.  Bad things happen to good people and your inability to pay your credit card bills does not make you a bad person.  Many of our customers come to us feeling defeated and irresponsible for getting themselves in over their heads, but most people don’t intend to stop paying their credit card bills, the snowball effect accumulates over a long period of time, and one slip up can begin a slippery slope of trouble.

Can’t Pay Your Full Balance

Many people panic when they can’t pay the full balance of their credit card at the end of the month.  Sometimes things come up that we are not fully prepared for, such as, car repairs, health problems, etc.  If you can’t completely pay off your balance this month, pay as much as you can, at least the minimum payment, more if you are able.  You will be charged interest on the remaining balance, but you will prevent any late fee incurring.  Make an adjustment to your next months budget, and cut the fat to allow the full payment next month if you can.

Can’t Pay the Minimum Payment

Worst case scenario, you can’t come up with even the minimum payment.  First ask yourself if this is a temporary situation, or do you see this as a long term problem.  If this is temporary, contact the credit card company and find out if they have any options.  Some companies have special one-time late programs, and if you have not had a problem in the past, they may be able to offer you assistance.  If you have lost your job, or some other long term issue has come up, you may have to weigh your options. You may want to contact an attorney in your area that specializes in bankruptcy and ask for a free consultation.  If bankruptcy is not an option for you,  there are programs available that for a small monthly payment, you can have your debt reduced and paid over time.  Doing nothing is not an option!

To your Success!