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About This Blog

A message From Tim

I know a lot of people think it’s all but impossible to become debt free. Well I’m here to tell you not only is it possible, but can happen a lot sooner then you would think. I am not talking just Credit Card debt, I’m talking, Mortgage, loans and any other form of debt.

I believe everyone should practice becoming debt free. There is nothing more empowering than not being a slave to creditors. Instead of being a debtor, you should aim to be an investor or maybe even a business owner if you’re not already.  I want to share all of my techniques with you and get you to be “debt free and earning more.”

Depending on where you are right now financially, k now this? even if you’re getting collection calls day and night you still have the power to become debt free. I don’t care if you are in debt of $5,000 or $100’s of thousands. You have the power to be debt free. All you need is the right tools, and the right education.  This is why I formed To help people get out from the bondage of debt and all the life draining problems that come with it.

Payoff is a blog designed to help people get out of debt and eventually live “THE DEBT FREE LIFE!” No matter how much debt you have you should be able to become debt free learning the techniques taught here.  There are many tools available here to help you gain control of your financial future and together we will help you get out of debt.

All YOU NEED IS THE “DESIRE” TO BE OUT OF DEBT! You need to be willing to be disciplined and see it through. So if you’re current on your bills or receiving collection calls from creditors, today is the day to begin financial recovery. ~Tim

About Tim Town:

Town, a seasoned debt negotiator with 15 years experience has helped save millions of dollars of debt for his clients and now wants to share his techniques with his readers. Town is currently President, CEO and Co-Founder of Capital Resolution Services, Inc. President and founder of TBR-Media, Host of two syndicated Podcast shows including TheBizRoom & Pay Off Debt Podcast.